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Tra My Angel is bringing sexy back

Her back isn’t her only part sporting the sexy look…

I’ve heard of Tra My Angel a while back but never listen to any of her songs (nor did I know she was even singing at the time). Honestly, I thought she was just a pretty face that would soon fade with time. Boy was I wrong, so so wrong. She has an amazing voice, looks gorgeous (very classy look) and dances very well. Tra My Angel made her debut in 2005 and currently has two albums out; Thien Than Cua Toi(Angel of Mine) and Em Muon(My Wants).


Doi Hoa Mat Troi – Huynh Nha Lam

Like how sunflowers brighten her day… this song has brighten up mine =). I must say I have not heard a song that has brought me to peace like this song. The singer is pretty new as well as pretty hot if I must say. I don’t know much about her other than this song, which also seem to be her debut song. Hopefully we will be seeing more of her. The song is entitled “Doi Hoa Mat Troi” literally meaning “Hills of the Sunflowers”

P.S: The music video is terrible IMHO… but then again, its a Vietnamese music video, what can you expect?

Make way ladies…for Khong Tu Quynh

Out of all the female singer in Vietnam and even the female singers in the U.S, I must say that KTQ is my currently my favorite. C’mon ladies and gentlemans, she cute, can sing(non stolen songs which is a huge plus), dances very well, dresses better than most Vietnamese stars. I don’t know much about her other than shes not married and that I booking my one way ticket to VietNam to fix that ;). I’ll leave you with the song that got me hooked on her.

Bao Thy caught stealing?

Stealing music that is… Well, what else is new? What Vietnamese singer hasn’t? Sure, she did covers for a few alot of her songs, but why raise our eyebrows now?

If you listen to Vietnamese music (assuming you do since your reading this blog :D) more than 50% of the music in the Vietnamese music industry is stolen, or covers if stolen sounds to negative ;). Are the original artist ever created? rarely. Let me list Vietnamese singer who covered *cough* stolen *cough* song (let me list some examples also)

Lam Truong – Mai Mai(Forever By Ahn Jae Wook)
Minh Tuyet – Nu Hon Biet Ly (Kiss Goodbye by Nu Flavor)
Dan Truong – Bai Ca MiYaHee (Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone)
Noo Thinh Phuoc – Because I’m Stupid (Boys Over Flower OST)
Ung Hoang Phuc – Nguoi Di Ngang Doi Toi(Only love by Trademark)

I believe this whole controversy started when Lenka brought up to the press about how Bao Thy covered her song without crediting her for it. I respect that and I understand where Lenka is coming from. When you work that hard to create something and have someone take it without asking and without crediting you for it is pretty damn inconsiderate.

But was it intentional? did Bao Thy claim she wrote the song?

So why bash on Bao Thy? Personally I like Bao Thy and I enjoy alot of her covers. IMO she sings a hella lot better than alot of Vietnamese female singers out there (looks alot better also, the way she dresses on the other hand…ehhh) The problem is, however, it hurt and hold back the Vietnamese music industry from progressing. If all you sing is other people’s song and take other idea, work, and creativity when do you space to put in your own idea, work, and creativity?

Ung Hoang Phuc + RnB = Good?… YES!!

It’s no typo and no ones has hack my account. If you understood the headline’s equation then you might just be as surprised as I am. I never liked Ung Hoang Phuc before but this song actually get the nod of approval.

The beat sounds real and legit(not stolen form another artist but correct me if I’m wrong in the comment box) and the lyrics actually have a meaning. However i still must rant on alot of the bad, such as the 15sec of bad rap, poor video, and un-synchronized choreography.

First off, please for hundredth time, can we not start intro a Viet rap part into a song with “chyea its your boy …”. I mean, thank you captain obvious, but I can clearly see that its Ung Hoang Phuc. The video looked terrible IMO. It looked like someone used a point and shoot camera to record it and threw in alot of techo editting to try to save it, which didn’t happen. It would also have been nice to have used a “background” to fill up the “back”. The choreography was another flop. If the dance wasn’t bad enough, they all seemed liked they were dancing to different song. Nothing was in sync with the music other than the equalizer in the back and even then I question that.

Now on to the good. I really do think that this is a good song as long as your not “watching it” and can get passed the rap part. I think Ung Hoang Phuc found a good and solid style genre. I never liked him before when he was singing pop but now my view might change. All he needs to do now is gets his dance moves together and slap on a full shirt.

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