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Tra My Angel is bringing sexy back

Her back isn’t her only part sporting the sexy look…

I’ve heard of Tra My Angel a while back but never listen to any of her songs (nor did I know she was even singing at the time). Honestly, I thought she was just a pretty face that would soon fade with time. Boy was I wrong, so so wrong. She has an amazing voice, looks gorgeous (very classy look) and dances very well. Tra My Angel made her debut in 2005 and currently has two albums out; Thien Than Cua Toi(Angel of Mine) and Em Muon(My Wants).


Doi Hoa Mat Troi – Huynh Nha Lam

Like how sunflowers brighten her day… this song has brighten up mine =). I must say I have not heard a song that has brought me to peace like this song. The singer is pretty new as well as pretty hot if I must say. I don’t know much about her other than this song, which also seem to be her debut song. Hopefully we will be seeing more of her. The song is entitled “Doi Hoa Mat Troi” literally meaning “Hills of the Sunflowers”

P.S: The music video is terrible IMHO… but then again, its a Vietnamese music video, what can you expect?

KFC is “Finger Licking Good”

Seriously though… that is exactly how it’s translated in the KFC commercials in America. Vi ngon tren tung ngon tay = Finger licking good (word for word it more like “Its tasty on each finger”)

On a even MORE serious note. Why the hell does a food commercial have better singer, better song (literally), better dance routine, better quality video, and better looking singer then a real Vietnamese music video?

As much I like this commercial, they do look like a direct imitation of a Korean boyband called Big Bang. Even so, really, why doesn’t the Vietnamese sign these guys a record deal rather than terrible singers that can’t sing and dance *cough*May Trang and Khanh Phuong *cough*? Hell, sign them to KFC music record too, because clearly they have better composer and choreography working for them than some most of the current ones in Vietnam. Well I hope sometime in the near future that these guys will actually become a real boyband but even more hopeful that KFC will enter in on the Vietnamese music industry enlighten them a bit.

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