KFC is “Finger Licking Good”

Seriously though… that is exactly how it’s translated in the KFC commercials in America. Vi ngon tren tung ngon tay = Finger licking good (word for word it more like “Its tasty on each finger”)

On a even MORE serious note. Why the hell does a food commercial have better singer, better song (literally), better dance routine, better quality video, and better looking singer then a real Vietnamese music video?

As much I like this commercial, they do look like a direct imitation of a Korean boyband called Big Bang. Even so, really, why doesn’t the Vietnamese sign these guys a record deal rather than terrible singers that can’t sing and dance *cough*May Trang and Khanh Phuong *cough*? Hell, sign them to KFC music record too, because clearly they have better composer and choreography working for them than some most of the current ones in Vietnam. Well I hope sometime in the near future that these guys will actually become a real boyband but even more hopeful that KFC will enter in on the Vietnamese music industry enlighten them a bit.


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